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Jesus Over Yourself


“I am born again. Born Again... Am I really born again? Yes! I know this is true, but I still feel I’m stuck in the old -- the old ways of thinking, of being, and of living. The Bible says ‘I’m free,’ but honestly, I haven’t experienced the fullness of this freedom.”


We say the Scriptures that tell us we are a new creation in Christ, but we don't experience that joy-filled newness.

We shout and affirm, "I have the mind of Christ" but our mind feels wayward and uncertain.


We hear and know that Jesus is healer for others, but aren’t sure how to live free from the torment and taunting of our old soul wounds. 

This war between old and new, dead and alive, captivity and freedom, saved but still feel distant from knowing our Savior intimately keeps many stagnant. A tug of war that has us being pulled out from our position as a daughter by the lies of the enemy, right into a life that claims Christ, but struggles to truly experience Him as daughter. 

​This was me for many years. Reading one thing in the bible, and experiencing another in my life. I got so tired of reading that I was free, but not experiencing that freedom-- so I began to take the Lord up on His word. I began to question everything I heard and believed. Because if His word is true, then something in my mind, in my theology, in the spiritual well I drank from, in my soul was NOT true! 

I gave our Lord NO rest! I embarked on a journey of personally uncovering His truth, and seeking His face like I'd never done before. He said I was free-- and I wanted to not only know it, but I wanted to believe it and LIVE it! Having my eyes opened to the truth, is where it began. Being healed, delivered, set free and living in the love of daughtership became my undeniable reality. What I read in the Word, it came alive. And it gave me life. 

​And as I came out of a system drenched in a watered down gospel that sought to not make anyone uncomfortable, I couldn't help but see just how many of my sisters were crying out for His truth, and a life so hidden in Christ that they were free from the old. 

Perhaps you can relate-- being run by the old, and battling to believe what the Word says is true? Trapped in a cycle of knowing and not believing, or believing and not experiencing? At Jesus Over Yourself we are equipping an end times army of women to go from the sideline to the front lines as soldiers in the Kingdom of God. To courageously live out biblical truth, choosing Him at all costs, which could cost us everything. Everything from friends, family, to even be hated and persecuted for His sake. But it is in this losing our life that we find it. That we truly live what we have so longed to experience. ​

And we are inviting you to walk this out with us by choosing Jesus Over Yourself.

Founder and CEO
Jesus Over Yourself
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