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Quick Obedience

PROPHETIC WORD (link to expounded version on podcast at the end)

I sense that there is a time of acceleration that is here, at first I thought it was just for me. However as I leaned into what the Holy Spirit was impressing upon me, He quickly showed me that this was true (a time of acceleration), and that it could be experienced by the church at large.

This is a season of quick obedience– the Lord is highlighting situations, positions, tasks and giving simple instructions to His children, to follow through on and to do so immediately. I sensed that for many, there were weighty things being brought up that the Lord wanted to deal with. These may be relationships, alignments, geographic shifts, or other areas. He may have told you to get certain things in your house in order, or to have long overdue conversations. Whatever it may be, put your hand to the plow on the seemingly small or large task. It is a season of dealing with things swiftly.

As I began walking this out in my life, I began to realize that this is not a time to process, talk about and go back and forth on everything. It's a time to obey, whether or not you have all the information, feel like doing it, or understand why.

One of the reasons as to why quick obedience is needed is due to the fact that God is wanting to fast track many in the body of Christ. Many who have been in delay, fighting warfare, those who have been relentlessly and diligently sowing. This also includes those who are patiently waiting on the Lord to be settled in their seasons of redemption and promise, seemingly with no avail, yet!

For some the promised land is an entire geographical shift, some will be moving out and will be established individually, others settled in new, healthy and safe communities. For others it looks like stability and being free from iniquity and finally walking in the identity and freedom of a son or a daughter.

The instructions of the Lord are good for us. So whether it is obedience that will have you cross the threshold into long awaited promises, or small steps of obedience without knowing why, obey swiftly.

It is time to heed to Ephesians 5:15-16, “ Look carefully then how you walk! Live purposefully and worthily and accurately, not as the unwise and witless, but as wise (sensible, intelligent people), making the very most of the time [buying up each opportunity], because the days are evil.

To dive deeper into this prophetic word, we released a podcast episode that expounds on this word and what the Holy Spirit is saying concerning how we can walk this out. Links to listen below!

I will [not merely walk, but] run the way of Your commandments,

when You give me a heart that is willing.

Psalm 119:32

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