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Pending the Miraculous

By Team J.O.Y.

Do you know that He is still about miracles? That your God, your Father in Heaven, can and WILL perform miracles in your life. We just need you to know that He is STILL the Miracle Working God that allowed Moses to not be killed by the government. God kept Moses safe while flowing down the Nile and safely delivered him into the arms of the present enemy who would ironically raise and care for him. Society may say it’s folklore, that God doesn’t move in signs and wonders anymore or that He never did, but we’re here to silence the lies, deception and new age beliefs.

God is your healer, deliverer, the one who gives power to His kids to perform signs and wonders right now in the earth! There is power in His church! It may not seem like there is, it may be shut down by religious spirits and skeptics but when we tell you...if you ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to be released in your life, your house, your situation continuously! That it will be released. And that you will see that same Miracle Working God move for you. You won’t EVER doubt that Yahweh, indeed is a Miracle Working God and he wants all His kids to experience and walk in that same power!

Healing is available in Christ.

Peace is available in Christ.

Provision is available in Christ.

Wholeness from your dysfunctional childhood is available in Christ.

Redemption is available in Christ.

Deliverance from suicide is available in Christ.

We strongly feel that there are people waiting on God for a miracle and you’re struggling to believe that He is who He says He is or that He CAN do it for you. We’re here to tell you that, He can do it for you!

Right now, we pray that the lies of the enemy, the seeds of doubt that have been planted and that you’ve agreed with over and over again will be destroyed by the power of the Lord! We replace those lies and doubt with truth, the truth that the Lord is ALL powerful (Eph 3:20) , the truth that He withholds no good thing from those who walk uprightly (Psalm 84:11) and also, that He is very present in your time of need (Psalm 46:1)!

Even now while you feel the Holy Spirit tugging on you, as you’re feeling riled up or even like the Lord is pulling you to start to pray into the miracles you’re believing Him for. Begin to pray, begin to bombard the Heaven’s with faith-filled, bold prayers that make your flesh uncomfortable because it’s impossible just by yourself. Begin to pull scriptures on the miracles you’re waiting on, the Bible is filled with miracle after miracle. Get a list of them and declare them over your womb, read them over your kids, your marriage, your unborn children! Pray those scriptures over your life, pray without ceasing brothers and sisters. Don’t stop until you know in your spirit that your miracle is being released from Heaven and it’s on its way.

“I am the LORD, the God of the whole human race. Nothing is too difficult for me.”

Jeremiah 32:27 GNB


Team J.O.Y.

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