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Woman, Rise Up!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

By Team J.O.Y.

To everyone who struggled to get out of bed this morning, you’re not alone. If you felt absolutely hopeless and haven’t pulled yourself out of bed because you felt there was no point, you’re not alone. You got up this morning and intense darkness and fear was hovering over your bed and you couldn’t shake it, (demonic attacks CAN’T be shaken, only dealt with in the SPIRITUAL) you’re not alone. The thought of going to work and having to face people, put on a brave face made you physically tired and sick, you are not alone.

This isn’t to give whatever you’re dealing with a pass to remain, this is to remind you that there are people who are going through the same thing, but also, God knows what you’re going through and He sees you!




Despite what you may think, the fight going on within you is largely spiritual. So let's start fighting! I know, that’s sounds insane because you’re thinking I couldn’t even get out of bed! HOWWW?



Too tired to pray for yourself? Text a friend, prayer partner or your church prayer team...and if you don’t have that, message us at TEAM J.O.Y. on Instagram or Facebook. Sometimes just saying “Jesus, I need you” is enough, there are times where all we could do was say “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...” over and over again.


Read your bible. If you can’t read or can’t concentrate enough to do so, read a VERSE and repeat it. Write it somewhere you will see it all day- carry a notecard, put it on your phone, wherever! You could also play the audio of the Bible (YouVersion app is great), and try and be present. Let the powerful word of God fill your room and allow it to minister to your spirit and soul.


Music, worship music! When we say that, we mean music that makes YOU worship Him. Not worldly music that doesn’t glorify God or make you want to either. Music that you know was created through partnership with Him. Whatever you feed on grows. Your intake makes all the difference and if you are listening to music that glorifies the world, you'll have a hard time glorifying God. So, switch it up. Put on Jesus music and change your appetite.


Talk to God about how you feel and what’s happening within you. Be REAL about your emotions, position or whatever you are FEELING! It’s been done as I said earlier, you’re not alone - read Psalm 42.



If you’ve done all this and you feel no change... read on. Some fights take longer than usual. Keep warring. But if what's actually needed is inner healing, deliverance, or uprooting strongholds...there's work to be done.

Here are a few things to get you started.

1. Seek wise counsel.

Don't bypass seeking the Holy Spirit for direction! But in addition to asking the Holy Spirit, get some wise, biblical guidance. Whether a Titus 2 woman, an elder, mentor, or Pastor-- pray about who you should speak to and seek wise counsel as the Lord leads you.

For by wise guidance you can wage your war, And in an abundance of [wise] counselors there is victory and safety. Proverbs 24:6

This will break down what a stronghold is, walk you through the process of evaluating the areas that need healing, where they stemmed from, and more. You can download it digitally here.

3. Counseling

We encourage you to speak with a Christian Counselor. Counseling apart from the word of God is good conversation, but if it is void of the Living Word, it will be void of transformation. So on your journey to getting biblical counseling, you may or may not find the right know right counselor for you immediately. Ask around! There's nothing to be ashamed of. We are to be a people who value freedom and authentic healing more than keeping up an image of not needing help. And Christian counseling would be considered wise counsel too.

Join us every month for our LIVE J.O.Y. Talks! For more details, connect with us below!


Team J.O.Y.

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